Role of Women In Security

Gender remains to be a controversial issue in the security industry. Policies and Dynamics have changed in recent years, but the gap between policy and practice remains of significance in terms of women and security. The rise of women in this field has been more of a conundrum, basing the fact that discussions like Male Chauvinism, Feminism and Patriarchy are still on-going in our settings.

The question beckons, what has been the role of women in security? Notably, we ought to affirm the various milestones achieved in this sector, if we are to appreciate the humble beginnings as a country and as an industry itself.


Predominantly it’s been perceived to be male dominated. However, there is an increment in the number of competent women at the helm of security dockets in comparison to the past. Through the current leadership, we are able to note the various positions women are occupying in this industry, contrary to the past.

Annette Kimitei - Managing Director
Naomi-Kipkorir - Chief Executive Officer

Positions such as Head of defense headed by Hon, Raychalle Omamo had previously  been perceived to be a male docket and  recent appointment  of Kenya’s  first female bodyguard has clearly raised bars as of regards  to the notion of   “ The position  of a woman in  security“. Over the past few years,  Private Security industry  has been  a vibrant trendsetter, Thus it’s not  astonishing to now see women being  placed  at the top level management  in various companies  ; SENACA EAST AFRICA  recently  having a  Managing Director as a lady  ANNETTE  KIMITEI   and a CEO  as a lady too  NAOMI KIPKORIR.

Interesting right? We ought to  understand  the importance of women sitting at the front  desks  of  decision making panels  and  given a chance In terms of problem solving   What would their contribution be? Security professional bodies advocating for women needs and interests can now be seen and heard of in our nation, thus illustrating a new paradigm.


Seemingly , culture has been depicted before as a channel that used to propagate the dominance of men in this field, and this comes from our societal setting, its being alleged that ; women In the industry having an affinity for low-level career interests , a receptionist being the most common position any women may yearn for.

All this are attributed to culture and some aspects of male dominance within the society. Now does this happen in other economies? We ought to ask ourselves such questions, but I believe we are getting there. Because how is the voice of a woman going to be heard at the top level, if the only place they have in security is at the bottom.

Career Level

It’s vital for us to recognize the increase in number in terms of the female-gender in this field. I’ve personally   interacted with a number of women in security conferences and seminars who’ve opted out of other careers for security. Have you?  Others now forming security companies to tackle insecurity in this nation.

New courses such as Criminology and Security Studies in our universities and  institutions  like  Private Security Training Academy  where the general manager  was able give us  the academy ‘s  records   showcasing improved numbers of women  in terms of recruitment process and emphasizing   the importance of more women in this industry . “We need to ensure that more women are given chance to grow their careers in this field even whilst maintaining the standards”. MR JOHN SANGA, GENERAL MANAGER SENACA EA.

John Sanga - General Manager

Gender Sensitivity

Kenya has meticulously made huge strides as far as gender parity and gender sensitivity is concerned. Severe penalties imparted to individuals found culpable of sexual harassment has lessened this act of felony. Previously, we have had such cases on the rise, but thanks to the various campaigns and awareness going on resulting to the decline of this notion.

However, it still remains a discussion that we ought to continue championing together to ensure that integrity stands. In terms of hiring, it’s being popularly noted; many security companies are now embracing diversification in terms of officers in their camps. I am sure it’s now easy to note the presence of a female dog handler, supervisor and even controllers in many private security companies unlike before.

Welfare In security (maternity wear): How would your reaction be, if you met a female guard with a maternity wear? Open discussions regarding this matter have been on-going locally. Why? Emerging issues such as pregnancy and breast feeding mothers in this industry have been questions that need answers.

Have you thought about this? Creation of the right environment and professionalism within this sector is equivocal for us to grow. Launch of MATERNITY WEAR by SENACA EAST AFRICA has been timely, Concerns about women being uncomfortable at the work stations during pregnancy need to be a thing of the past .

This flagship project is going to be one of its own kinds in the nation if I may not be wrong thus Credit needs to be given to this noble initiative. And all stakeholders ought to be involved in enhancing this agenda, whilst asking themselves queries such as what duties are they being given and so on? Are they light? If yes what’s the reporting time? Much of this will give us an assurance of great improvement in terms of service to clients and the public.

As we contemplate on these questions, let’s note of the strides that women have made in this sector and also the inhibiting factors towards their productivity and growth. Private security industry has been vibrant and I am sure of more practical solutions emanating from this industry itself in the near future for the benefit of everyone involved . The process of achieving the mission at hand –tackling the role of women in security while elevating our standards begins with us.

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